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AS in all successful ventures, planning is the key to success and happiness. The backbone of success is hard work, determination, dedication, good planning and perseverance. A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and courage. I found this success pattern when I was a part of Tejas symposium at RAA, Aurangabad. It was a moment which motivated, inspired and pushed me to do something differently. Thousands of candles can be lightened from a single candle has been said by Buddha. The candle enlightened by British council inspired me to arrange the symposium for my tag teachers at my level. I tried to be a little candle in their lives. I may burn out and melt after a little while. But, I wished from within that this time my light should touch everyones heart. Hopefully, I was able to do it in the tejas symposium which was held at Armori, in Gadchiroli district. That day was April 17, 2018. It was a historical moment for Gadchiroli district as without any government fund we had arranged this delightful event. Actually, it is very difficult for me to believe that what was once a dream was being fulfilled now. I had got high hopes for what we could achieve during the symposium. But, great things happens when there is a gathering of great minds. Precisely, it ensured.

            On this auspicious occasion, we were fortunate to have Mr. Sharadchandra Patil, Principal. DIECPD. Gadchiroli as chief guest, Mr. Sainath Addalwar sir, Principal. M.G. College Armori.  Mrs. Hemlata Parsa mam, Block Education Officer, Armori; and dashing Dipika Gode mam as a plenary speaker. Besides, we had Egolpawar mam, senior lecturer, DIECPD. Gadchiroli, Mrs. Sucharita kaley, Subject Assistant. DIECPD. Gadchiroli, Mr. Raju Wadpalliwar, Field officer, Gadchiroli; and all cluster heads of respective clusters. Approximately, 85 teachers were present from 10 clusters from 4 Tags. Among them 9 tag teachers participated in poster presentation and 8 teachers presented their success stories through PowerPoint.

                      According to our planning, the registration started on 10.00 a.m. The teachers were busy pasting their posters on the wall. Some teachers were busy looking at the posters and penning down some key points. Meanwhile others were busy in arrangements like setting the projector, screen etc. The program started at 11.00 a.m. Yogesh Wadhai, Tag coordinator from Armori extended a cheerful welcome to all. Instead of spending too much time in formalities we directly started the symposium by introductory speech. Miss. Kalpana Bansod presented an opening speech to share the purpose of the symposium.  Mrs. Hemlata Parsa mam, Block Education Officer, Armori addressed to the tag teachers by appreciating their work at ground level. Then, Mr. Sharadchandra Patil, Principal. DIECPD. Gadchiroli delivered his motivational speech before the teachers. The tag teachers were triggered off after listening to him. They were influenced. Moving on, Dipika Gode mam started off her plenary speech on Reflection, before, while and after. The plenary session was live on YouTube as many of teachers want to attend this session. The plenary session was interactive, introspective, effective,   informative, knowledgeable and certainly applicable. She cleared the concept of reflection and doubts on reflection. She differentiated between the stages of reflection by giving examples from day to day life. The tag teachers reflected over the symposium. We had provided a reflection sheet with questions to reflect on the symposium. Overall, she won over the tag teachers. They felt impelled to reflect on the lessons. It was a real victory which made this event a history. Then and there was a tea break. In this break teachers were busy looking at poster presentations with tea. Thenceforth, PowerPoint presentations of tag teachers on their learning begun. It was an incredible experience that I had never ever seen before.

                         Presentations on role-play, storytelling, chain drill activity, slap the board activity, vocabulary, and language games were presented on Tejas wall. It was astounding performances. I was overwhelmed to see this. During these presentations, the tag teachers were thinking critically and asking appropriate questions on presentations. I found them full of energy and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm in terms of excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity. Throughout the presentations Mr. Raju Wadpalliwar and I observed their presentations keenly. But it was a difficult task for us to remark on them. For these presentations, my tag coordinator Yogesh Wadhai and I performed the role of mentor. Still, I must appreciate everyones hard work and effort. I want to share an experience as a mentor. A tag teacher named Kedar Kumare who was not ready to present till last day. When I had a conversation with him, after long discussion Iwas able to convince him to present. He made it memorable for everyone. He was awarded as the Best presenter of the year. While making presentations the tag teachers had faced many issues with technology. But they figured it out and resolved it with the help of other tag teachers. I am obliged to appreciate their bonding, cooperation and collaboration among them. Ultimately, the time demanded for closing the activity.

                   During the last lap, Kalpana Bansod, SARP. Chandrapur, gave a special speech to fire up the tag teachers by putting inspirational words. She expressed her honest gratitude towards everyone. Afterwards, felicitation ceremony started. The tag teachers were awarded participation certificates. Some of them were honored as Best presenter of the year by giving trophies and certificates.  In the end, words of gratitude were spoken by PundlikDeshmukh a tag teacher. The whole program had been hosted by tag coordinator Yogesh Wadhai.The symposium proved that it was noteworthy and amazing event for everyone . I used smiley poster to take feedback from the tag teachers. In that poster most of the teachers ticked on excellent and good smileys . It showed the success of the symposium. Personally, I believe, Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal-a commitment to excellence -that will enable you to attain the success you seek. Indeed, it was the most successful event.

            The real hero behind this success is my tag coordinator Yogesh Wadhai. He is very energetic and passionate. He played a vital role in this event. He is a perfect manager. He planned, managed and organized everything in well manner. I have seen his good relation with all tag teachers. How close he is! Splendid! The tag teachers helped  the tag coordinator to manage and arrange all needful elements. All cluster heads and field officer lent a helping hand during this occasion. The team of Armori block scaffolded the program. Rather than I would say it is a good example of team work. Hats off to them. The credit goes to the leader Mrs., Parsa mam, BE0. She managed all administrative work and issues on her level. I and Mrs. Parsa mam, BE0 of Armori block contributed financially to arrange this grateful event. We didn't spend much but it was  not a little too. 

     Friends, in our life, it is important to pause and take a long hard look at what we have done till now? Doing this can put things in an organized manner. Its my privileged to organize such an innovative and introspective event. Do you know what fires me up and keeps me going?  A team of BC who are the most committed people, my colleague Mr. Ashok Chavan who has written an article on my work and last but not the least my caring husband and my beloved daughter Eva who are always there with me to manage everything. Id like to thank the British council and my colleagues for inspiring me, for making me think, believe, trust, help, learn, create, contribute, give back and love. Thank u very much.
Kalpana Bansod

Feedback from plenary speaker Dipika Gode
                   Dear Friends, I would like to share one of my most memorable experience with you all. 
I was a witness to the Symposium held at Armori on 17/04/18. It was one of the best planned and executed events attended by me till date. SARP Kalpana Bansod and Tag Co Yogesh Wadhai had left no stone unturned. The turnout was amazing at least 85 teachers were present. They had their posters ready. Their presentations showed that a lot of hard work had gone into it. They were full of enthusiasm and felt proud to be a part of the Symposium as it was a new concept for them. My session on Reflection was helpful, they interacted and got their doubts cleared. I was satisfied and happy to see teachers from such remote places travel so long to be a part of the Symposium. TEJAS has been successful in kindling the thirst for upgrading oneself. Tag members were eager to share their ideas and experiences. They said that Tejas has been helpful in many ways.It has helped them to use technology in education. The new concepts and techniques have been helpful in classroom teaching. 
        Hats off to Kalpana, Yogesh and BEO Ma'am for managing all this without any monetary help. I feel such events should be organized at regular intervals to boost the morale of the tag cos and Tag members.
Reflection from Tag coordinator 

 *BRC Armori, Dist. Gadchiroli organized TEJAS Symposium at Mahatma Gandhi Arts and Commerce Collage Gadchiroli on dated 17 April 2018* 
*My reflection as a TAG coordinator on TEJAS Symposium* 
*What went well?*
 Plenary speech by Dipika Gode, Nagpur was very effective and useful for everyone. 
 Poster presentation by TAG teachers showing applications of TAG activities in actual classroom. 
 Power point presentations by TAG teachers, specially by the best presentation award winner Thalash Dhakade Sir, MangalBishwas Sir and Kedar Kumare Sir. All the pptpresentations were rocking. 
 The inspirational speech by Res. Sharadchandra Patil, Principal DIECPD Gadchiroli and Res. Hemalata Parasa, BEO Armori were very valuable for us.  All the arrangements of Symposium, planning and motivation gave to me and my tag teachers by SARP kalpana mam was really amazing. Participation of all cluster head and BRC subject experts and tag field officer Rajesh wadpalliwar's contribution was very helpful to successfully completing this Symposium. The Involvement of all tag teachers from GAD007, GAD008, GAD009 and DongargaonCluster also very energetic to enrich the success of our TEJAS Symposium. 

🛑 *Area of development for next Symposium* 
 Next time we will provide keen mentorship for every presenter at least 15 days before. We will select easiest topic for poster presentation and provide model frame of poster. 
 We try to involve every tag group in every presentation.  We will work on time management with optional plan for unfortunate situations. 
 We will try to involve other TAG coordinator from whole district. 

🛑 *What I like most?*
 The cooperation of all cluster head and ADEI and BRC team for successfully doing all job.  I like most the bonding between my tag teachers, they help each other to do better. Jivan Shivankar sir and Gulab Mane Sir gave technical support to all presenters and cover media and social media.  I like most one common thing but motivational for me that one of my tag teacher Ratnamala was trying to write bullet points from Plenary speech of Gode mam even she didn't have any page for writing, so I helped her by giving page. 
 I like mostly dedication of Res. HemalataParasa mam our BEO and Res. Kalpana Bansod mam because without any government fund they organized class one grade Symposium and it's first Symposium in the history of our Gadchiroli district. 🛑 I heartily thanks to all dignities present to Symposium and special thanks to my inspiration Kalpana mam for motivating me for such great job, thanks to Dipika mam for valuable speech on Reflection before, while and after, heartily thanks to Res. Sharadchandra Patil, Principal DIECPD and whole team, special thanks to Res. Sainath Addalwar Sir, Principal M. G. College Armori, for venue and, thanks to whole supervision system Armori and team BRC Armori thanks to everyone who directly or indirectly helps to successfully completing this amazing TEJAS Symposium. Thanks... Thanks a lot. 
-Yogesh Wadhai, TAG coordinator* Armori

Posts from tag teacher

Tejas Symposium
First block level Tejas symposium in the history of Gadchiroli District
Date:-17April 2018 
*venue*:-Mahatma Gandhi Art's and Commerce college Armori
Special guests -Hon Mr Sharadchandra Patil sir principal DIECPD Gadchiroli
Hon Mrs Vaishali Egolpawar madam, Lecturardiecpd Gadchiroli
Hon Hemlata J Parsa mam
Beo Armori
Hon Addalwar sir principal M G College Armori
Hon Sucharita Kale mam, Subject expert, DIECPD Gadchiroli
Special speech and observation By hon. Kalpana Bansod mam SARP
Special observation by Resp Raju WadpaliwarSir TAG field officer
and all the cluster Head of Armori P S
Plenary Speech by Resp Dipika Gode mam from Nagpur
Its life changing speech for all the tag teachers impressed by this speech
Through this speech we got clear idea about reflection
Power point presentation
all the participants done well job and its great event for us such we got platform for express our view and innovative ideas 
Poster presentation
It was also inspirable to all our TAG teachers

Felicitation ceremony
Prize winner
1st prize in ppt presentation
Mr Thalash Dhakde sir GAD008
2nd prize Mr Mangal Biswas sir GAD007
3rd prize Mr kedar Kumare sir GAD008
Honour by all the participant by giving certificate
Whole programs hosted by Mr Yogesh Wadhaisir
Co ordinator Tag of Armori
Vote of Thanks by Mr Pundlik Deshmukh sir Tag Teacher
Its a great memorable experience and great event for us 
Special heartily thanks to Kalpana mam and Yogesh sir and all the BRC team for provides us such this type of platform
All theTAG teachers kept the time management and involved every and each discussion... We got inspiration from our all dignities...
                                   Shri Gunvant K. Hedau
                                    Tag Teacher GAD009

              First block level Tejas Symposium programme was celebreted on 17 April 2018 in Mahatma Gandhi Art's and Commerce College Armori. It was a historical event for all tag teachers of GAD007, GAD008, GAD009 and Dongargaon cluster were present their. Everyone registerd their name on 10-00 A.M. Inauguration of Tejas Symposium started on 10-30 A.M. Special guests of Tejas Symposium 2018 was Sharadchandra Patil sir Principal DIECPD Gadchiroli, Dipika Gode madam Nagpur, Kalpana Bansod madam SARP Chandrapur, Vaishali Egolpawar madam DIECPD Gadchiroli, Sucharita Kale madam DIECPD Gadchiroli, Hemlata Parsa BEO P.S. Armori, Sainath Addalwar Principal M. G. College Armori, were present  their. After Inauguration programme Dipika Gode madam Nagpur gave a Plenary speech on 'Reflection : Before, while and after'.  We all tag teachers impressed by her speach. She clear the doubt about reflection concept of deeply.We all inspired and motiveted by her wonderful speach. Then their was a short break for tea. After tea break sharp 12-15 to 2-15 P.M. their was power point presentation. Six participent took a part for presentation. They shows what are they doing after joining tag meeting in their actual classroom. Participent shows the PPT slied and express their own views. I also was one of the participent for PPT presentation. I also gave my best on this great Tejas Symposium. Kalpana Bansod SARP Chandrapur and tag field officer Raju Wadapalliwar did the job of observer for  PPT presentation. They worked nicely. After PPT presentation their was a time of poster presentation. All tag teacher saw the poster presentation personaly. Sharp 4:00P.M stated felicitation ceremony. The chief guests of this felicitation ceremony was Hemlata Parsa BEO P. S. Armori and tag Field officer Raju Wadapalliwar was present their. The programme hoster Yogesh Wadhaiannounce the names of ppt Presenters. He announce my name for first prize winner of Best Presenter of the year 2018. I was shocked to hear because everyone was gave their best. Everyone congratulated me. I feel very happy. I hearty thanks to Hemlata Parsa BEO Armori, thanks to Kalpana Bansod SARP Chandrapur, thanks to my Tag coordinator Yogesh Wadhai, thanks to Santosh Mane for helping me technically to make PPT and thank you all my well-wishers.2nd prize goes to Mangal Viswas, 3rd goes to Kedar Kumare.All winners and participent was honoured by giving certificates and toffee. The whole programme was carefully hosted by Yogesh Wadhai tag coordinator. The programme was end by vote of thanks by Pundlik Deshmukh. Really it was excellent programme. Once again thank you Hemlata Parsa madam BEO Armori, thanks to Kalpana Bansod madam SARP Chandrapur, thank to Yogesh sir you all makes this programme successful. Thanks to all.                                                                               
                                    THALASH DHAKADEDhakade,                                        Tag teacher GAD008